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Several simple steps to successful earnings

Before you register in Company, the Company's administration strictly requires to read the following document. It describes all basic rules being obligatory for eexcution by both parties, rights and obligations, as well as terms and conditions of interaction of a client with investment poject of Company. Register in the project of Company only if you unconditionally accept all the following provisions.

Client is the person who is completey agreed with the terms and conditions of the present agreement and who registerred at website.

Project is a web-resource located at


All natural persons not of the following categories have the right to create an acount within investment project:


Young persons (шт accordance with the legislation of the country of residence);


The persons who were declared legally incompetent on the basis of a medical report;


The client is completely responsible for the decision to join the project of Company, all the actions within the project (following / failure to follow the rules, financial operations etc.) and their consequences.


Rights and obligations of client of project of Company:


Every client of the project shall have the same right as other similar clients to use all the services provided by the project: to use a personal account at the project website, to invest and get income in accordance with the terms of the investment plan, to use bonuses of the project referral programme, to call for assistance.


The client shall have the right to create and manage accounts within the project. If the poejct administration detects the fact that the customer manages several accounts connected with referral programme, then all his accounts shall be immediately blocked and the available funds shall be transferred to the company as a payment for moral harm for fraud against the company.


The client shall ensure complete confidentiality of any information received from the company's administration.


The client shall not disclose his registration information to third parties. If a client Customer gives his access password to a third party, and that fact causes hacking of the account and loss of funds then, only the client shall be responsible for that.

The client shall provide reliable security for his computer, tablet, smartphone and any other device from which he enters the account. If the funds are stolen from the client due to lack of adequate protection, shall not be liable for that.

The client shall decide select the investment plan and the amount to be invested into the project by his own and shall be aware that any investment involves certain risks and therefore shall not make any claims against in any case.

The client is recommended to enter his account during the investment plan execution periodically to monitor the security of the account. If you find traces of unauthorised access to your account, financial transactions carried out without your knowledge, etc., please immediately contact the company's support department or the administration directly.

The client shall follow the rules, regulations and reommendations concerning investment and withdrawal of money, that are described in his personal account. In case of failure to follow these terms, the client shall not have the right to make claims and demand material consideration from Company, if because of to these terms the result of participation of the client in the project does not coincide with the expectations.


The client shall follow the established rules completely. In case of violation of any of the provisions of the present document, shall have the right to terminate cooperation with the client on a unilateral basis. Company guarantees the clients provision of all the declared services, in full and in accordance with the listed terms.

3. Company ensures operability of its investment project, provision of consulting support to project clients and prompt settlement of any technical problems that can cause difficulties for the client in operation with the project website.

4. Company ensures the clients the maximum level of security of their personal information and invested financial means.

5. Company is obliged to provide complete confidentiality of the project client's personal information received within registration, as well as during the entire period of the client's participation in the project.


In case of detection of fraud facts from a client (attempt to hack accounts of ther clients, adoption of false identity of employee to attract new clients under referral programme etc.) or violation of any of the points of the present document, administration of shall have the right to terminate provision of investment services for the client on a unilateral basis and block his account(s) without the possibility to return the funds being available on the account. In case of any minor violations by the client or in case of disputable situations, the administration shall have the right to block the client's account(s) temporarily. Then a representative of the company shall contact the client to settle the situation.


Administatrtion of the project of shall have the right to change the contents of present document at its own discretion without prior agreement of the project clients. The clients shall be informed about the planned changes personally or at the project website. The client shall have the right not to accept amendments, but then the client shall inform the project support service or the administration directly about that. Cooperation with the client shall be terminated upon mutual consent.

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